HIV Age Positively

Innovation for the ageing population

HIV Age Positively is a Gilead initiative that aims to address the greatest challenges in HIV – taking action for today and for tomorrow. The HIV Age Positively grants programme is key to this initiative.

Over the years, the HIV community has pushed boundaries, broken down barriers and campaigned for positive change.

But as the first generation of people with HIV enters later life, new and unprecedented challenges are emerging, while many historic challenges remain.

Now is the time to support innovative and bold approaches to treatment and care so that all people living with HIV lead even longer, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

The HIV Age Positively grants programme aims to provide funding for projects inspired by thinking and doing things differently, accelerating innovation for the ageing population. The grants programme is now open and submissions will be accepted until 18 October 2019.


HIV Age Positively is based on four key focus areas that reflect areas of HIV care where innovation is needed to improve the lives of all people ageing with HIV. Gilead strives to support grant requests, whether focussed on community/patient or medical/scientific programmes or a mix of both, which focus on one or more of the key focus areas outlined below:


  • Community Action: We know the importance of the community perspective when it comes to planning and implementing HIV care. +Community Action aims to ensure the voices of people living with HIV are heard in decision making at a national or local level. This includes ensuring people living with HIV are able to develop and influence new and existing models for long-term care. It also includes educating non-HIV specialists about the challenges of HIV and ageing.
  • Personal Health: There is good evidence to show when individuals are engaged in their own care we see an improvement in their clinical outcomes. This is particularly important to address the issue of social isolation, associated with ageing and HIV alike. +Personal Health aims to empower individuals to manage their overall health and wellbeing, and to take an active role in their care through shared decision-making. 
  • Equality: Health inequalities and stigma disproportionately affect people living with HIV and can result in poorer long-term health outcomes. +Equality aims to improve equality and equity, and reduce stigma and enhance health and wellbeing. 
  • Health Services:  Health services must be both efficient and effective in order to meet the diverse needs of the ageing HIV population. +Health Services aims to address inefficiencies, promote the sharing of specialist knowledge, and champion best practice in current and new HIV care services at a local, regional and national level.

See the HIV Age Positively grants FAQs document for more information on applying. Please note that research proposals will not be considered under this programme. 


Steps to apply

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Create or Log In to Your Account
You will submit your grant application via our secure online system. If you have not previously used the portal to register for a Gilead Grant you will be required to create an account. Alternatively, you can log in using your existing account details. The portal can be accessed at the bottom of this page.


> Step 3:

Complete the Online Application by 18 October 2019.
You will be asked to provide the following information on the online application. You can always save your answers and return later if you need more time. When filling in your online application, please select “HIV Age Positively” in the grant drop down menu. 

  • Date(s) and location(s) of project events (please note that grant funding is not provided for more than one year at a time)
  • Final event agenda(s) (please do not include the names or affiliations of presenting speakers)
  • Target audience and publicity plan
  • Detailed project budget, including a breakdown of how you will use the funds requested from Gilead, as well as total estimated project expenses
  • Number of medical education credits offered and accreditation information (where applicable)
> Step 4: Review and Finalise Your Application
Please review your application carefully before submitting it, as changes cannot be made after submission. We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your application.


Please ensure you submit a comprehensive application by 18 October 2019, including all required information and supporting documents. Failure to do so may affect the outcome of the funding decision.


Download the Guidance for Applicants document.

Please note, in order to comply with EFPIA and country Codes of Practice, Gilead publicly discloses grant support made to patient organisations and healthcare organisations via its website and ABPI/IPHA websites (as applicable). Specifically, details of all successful grantees from Gilead UK & Ireland Corporate Contributions are published on an annual basis. The details will include the name of the organisation, a brief description of the activity and the amount of support provided.




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The Gilead Online Supporting Health Action for Patient Empowerment (goSHAPE) grants programme supports the development, exploration and dissemination of new ideas which generate and promote best practice in the delivery of patient care through innovative and reproducible models in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The initiative will allocate grants to individual organisations or groups of healthcare providers such as hospitals, academic institutions, clinics or patient organisations based on clearly defined selection criteria.

Grants will be awarded to eligible projects that have an international impact across the eligible countries, and will provide significant opportunities for healthcare professionals and providers to build a platform for conducting and disseminating best practice.

Please read the ‘Guidance for Applicants’ document before filling in your application and answer all sections below. If you have any queries about the application form, please email

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Please ensure you submit a comprehensive application with all required information and supporting documents, failure to do so may affect the outcome of the funding decision
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