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The Gilead UK & Ireland Fellowship Programme started in 2009. The aim of the Programme is to support local innovation and best practice in patient care in HIV, viral hepatitis, oncology/haematology, respiratory and invasive fungal disease. The Programme invites applications from healthcare or allied professionals who are seeking funding for a project that aligns with the goals of the Gilead UK & Ireland Fellowship Programme.

Applicants are required to demonstrate how their innovative, high-impact project meets the specified, measurable criteria in order to be awarded funding. Successful applicants are expected to communicate progress of their project, and to present their findings at the end of the funding period.

Since its inception, the Gilead UK & Ireland Fellowship Programme has supported over 150 projects in the areas of HIV, viral hepatitis, respiratory and invasive fungal disease. Since 2009 this has left an important legacy within the research areas funded.

The Gilead UK and Ireland Fellowship Programme awards financial grants to individual organisations or groups of healthcare providers within a locality, such as, but not limited to, hospital trusts, Charities involved in public health or health provision, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs not applicable in ROI), Health Boards and Health Offices responsible for providing, planning or commissioning clinical services in groups for specific therapy area topics.

The Fellowship Programme does not support projects that meet the EUDRACT criteria of an interventional or non-interventional study. If you are seeking support for a study, please contact your local Gilead Medical Scientist. Gilead UK & Ireland Corporate Contributions does not support projects which meet these criteria.




Apply for a Cystic Fibrosis Fellowship/Medical Grant

The Cystic Fibrosis Fellowship/Medical Grants Programme for 2021 is now closed for applications. Please register your details through the link below to be emailed when the application process reopens.




> Step 1:

Project Eligibility 

> Step 2:

Supporting documents 

  • Ensure You Have Proof of Employment, and Supporting Documents Ready
  • Ensure you complete the Supplementary Questionnaire and upload as a Supporting Document. For applications to be considered, it is MANDATORY to complete and submit the ‘Supplementary Questionnaire’ with your application. If this document is not provided, the grant will be declined. Download the Supplementary Questionnaire for Fellowship Grant applicants
  • You are required to provide proof that you are employed by the organisation mentioned on your application (please do not provide sensitive information such as payslips)
  • It is also recommended that you provide a letter of support from your local PCO/CCG/Health Board/Health Office to strengthen your application
> Step 3: Create or Log In to Your Account
  • You will submit your fellowship application via our secure online system. To create an account or log in, please see the banner to the right or the bottom of this page
> Step 4:

Complete the Online Application
You will be asked to provide the following information on the online application. You can always save your answers and return later if you need more time.

  • Date(s) and location(s) of project events (please note that grant funding is not provided for more than one year at a time)
  • Final event agenda(s) (please do not include the names or affiliations of presenting speakers)
  • Target audience and publicity plan
  • Detailed project budget, including a breakdown of how you will use the funds requested from Gilead, as well as total estimated project expenses
  • Number of medical education credits offered and accreditation information (where applicable)
> Step 5:

Review and Finalise Your Application

  • Please review your application carefully before submitting it, as changes cannot be made after submission
  • We will send you a confirmation email after receiving your application


Please ensure you submit a comprehensive application with all required information and supporting documents. Failure to do so may affect the outcome of the funding decision.

Please note, in order to comply with EFPIA and country Codes of Practice, Gilead publicly discloses grant support made to patient organisations and healthcare organisations via its website and ABPI/IPHA websites (as applicable). Specifically, details of all successful grantees from Gilead UK & Ireland Corporate Contributions are published on an annual basis. The details will include the name of the organisation, a brief description of the activity and, the amount of support provided.

Download the Guidance for Applicants



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HIV – Online Application Form

The Gilead Online Supporting Health Action for Patient Empowerment (goSHAPE) grants programme supports the development, exploration and dissemination of new ideas which generate and promote best practice in the delivery of patient care through innovative and reproducible models in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The initiative will allocate grants to individual organisations or groups of healthcare providers such as hospitals, academic institutions, clinics or patient organisations based on clearly defined selection criteria.

Grants will be awarded to eligible projects that have an international impact across the eligible countries, and will provide significant opportunities for healthcare professionals and providers to build a platform for conducting and disseminating best practice.

Please read the ‘Guidance for Applicants’ document before filling in your application and answer all sections below. If you have any queries about the application form, please email

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Please ensure you submit a comprehensive application with all required information and supporting documents, failure to do so may affect the outcome of the funding decision
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